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police operation

After several internships, I started in 2009 as a freelance photographer at the “Luxemburger Wort”, taking pictures for the local press as well as the culture part of the newspaper. This kind of photography is always a challenge because of its unpredictability. But over time, you figure out what kind of pictures the newspaper is going to print and you start anticipating situations thereby getting the best shot out of each situation.
During my photocourses at university I always tend to include the topic of a report as main subject. So here you can find 2 examples of some jobs I did for my photography course.

firefighters reportage

I accompanied the firemen team from the Luxembourgish Fire Brigade for 2 months and joined in on fire brigade operations, which was very exciting.
Besides, the routine of the firemen (operations, every-day-life, social relations etc.) represented an ideal thematic backbone for my story.


police reportage

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