fuze luxembourg

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october 2010


personal project & bachelor work

work done

concept, logo design, design, webdesign

project description

fuze - Helping to support and promote Luxembourg music talent to a wider audience



fuze luxembourg

During my first study I have been working on a project for supporting local music talent in Luxembourg. One year later, I met Adam Walder an english journalist from Luxembourg who had quite the same idea as I had some time ago. So we decided to put our brains together and work out a concept that we could set up over the next months. At the moment we are operating on facebook (with almost 2000 members having already joined our group) as well as on our internet site fuze.lu and spread the word as well on our radio show called fuze on a Luxembourgish radio station. Here you can find the concept:

Quite simply, an English language platform dedicated to supporting and helping the promotion of local music to, and beyond, the Luxembourgish community.

Fusion or the verb “fuse”: No better words describe Luxembourg and the Greater Region, where communities, languages and of course cultures all fuse together. Our quest is a local music cross-community fusion on the web and on radio. We added a Z to our name to give it a touch of “pizzazz”.

FUZE is DNR Radio’s first English language show that began on 1st December 2011. The show’s format is a simple one: entertaining interviews with local bands, musicians or people connected with the local music scene, plus local music agendas, news & more!

fuze magazine

This Magazine was designed as a part of my Bachelor Project at the “Hochschule Mannheim”. It was printed by Saint-Paul Luxembourg with a print run of 1000 copies.
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fuze in action

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